Friday, September 2, 2011

John in PRE-K???

Hey yall, long time without blogging...we still need to update the spot and add our little Andrew to the site but here is the latest news with the Mujicas. My not so little any more son John Kharloz is starting school this upcoming 8th of September and the funny thing is that we just got the big news two days ago not giving us time to digest it. We have been trying to enroll him in school since the spring but they declined his application in the first round so we decided to add him again for the second round but putting priority to the school Jasmin and I went (PS 192). I am personally not too thrilled of him going to school, not because i don't want him to learn but because i don't want to realize the fact he is growing up. He has been asking to go to school for over a year now, therefore i know he is completely ready to start. I am not. The other afternoon at work, i realized why my mom was always so worry and used to tell me every morning to be careful when i was on my way to school. I always knew what i was doing, even though i took wrong actions in High School but i still knew how to handle myself, now i know what it is to feel what my mom felt. I know this will benefit him, even though he is so advanced for his age i know meeting new kids and interacting with them will do him good. I guess my biggest fear is getting THAT call....that call to inform me he fell, he got hit, he got into an accident, he got cut, they stole something from him or something of that sort.....but i know God will protect him. On the other hand, It feels good to know he will attend the same school Jasmin and I did especially because he will go to the section of the school i always wanted to go but since i came for 2nd grade i never had the chance to LOL.

The biggest advantage of all this is that in case of an emergency my dad and mother in law are a few blocks away from the school. This is funny because i am acting like my parents did, but at that time i thought it was annoying because i was requesting all this independence but i didn't know it was the nature of being a parent. I guess i have to just accept least i will be getting the cute little cards for the holidays and the cute little drawings that will end up in the refrigerator. I will have the opportunity to get school supplies, go shopping, get new kicks for him :) (i know, i know, that's me) Time flies, that's all i can say. Thank you God because this makes me love you even more....whats next, prom? NOPE! thank you, i can wait :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

We're Back!!!

Well, it has been a pretty long time since we've updated this, but we are back with a lot of great news for all of you. Let's start with our baby (Andrew) who is not so baby anymore :-/...  today he is 9 months and refuses to sit down by himself or even crawl.  He has two cute teeth and loves to eat a lot, we call him our chunky monkey, jejeje.  

John, he is a super active preschooler who loves to play and will never take a breather, lol.  He will start pre-K this September even though Carlos is not ready to accept this change but we know John will love the interaction with other kids his age. 

Carlos and our compadre Denny (rioSQUAD), just released their first Christian rap album by the name of LA REVELAZION which has been a huge blessing to everyone that has had the chance to listen to it.  rioSQUAD is
expanding worldwide and will be on tour in Panama this upcoming October.

Me... I just launched my business in Design & Photography, which is already receiving so much positive feedback.  I thank God and Mary so much for this opportunity.  In just 4 days I have had a good amount of likes on my facebook page and I'm already getting booked for photo sessions and designing projects.  

Well thats it for now :) hope you stick around for more fun stuff coming.

Link to purchase rioSQUAD LA REVELAZION Album

Link for Jasmin's Facebook fan page