Monday, May 21, 2012

New Chapter!

Hi dear friends, family, and whoever else is reading this blog. AGAIN, long time without showing some love to our blog spot but here we go. Hope you like the new look, we had to add little Andrew to the picture
design :-)

Well, after 4 years living in Inwood Manhattan we have decided to move back to our old neighborhood (oh dear how much we miss it). We moved to Jasmin’s mom’s apartment which had two vacant and spacious bedrooms that was perfect for us. The purpose of all this madness is to save money, get rid of our huge debt and hopefully own some type of property. We are following the method of our dear friends The Marquez’s. So far it hasn’t been that bad. We have an extra hour of sleep and we no longer have a long and uncomfortable morning and afternoon commute.  We get home really early and our evenings feel much longer now.  The recording studio is walking distance and now we can come out on dates any weekends we want (well after 9 PM) hehehe. Privacy is till a small issue but nothing beats paying a big chunk of money on rent. 

Jasmin’s photography is going really good, finally she will be able to save all her photography and design income to invest in her business. By the way look at her work and book her for any memorable events you want captured.
So yea, our not so little any more first-born John is graduating from Pre- K, OHMGEE how emotional this is, he will be starting the big K (kindergarden) in September. Andrewzzy is turning two in July which reminds us that we need to get started arranging his birthday party. The good thing about Andrew is that he doesn't look like a 2 year old, he still a tiny little short chunks :) . Sooo, this is it for now, summer is around the corner and we should be posting some fun pictures and of course Andrews birthday party pictures…. oh wait! did we mentioned that riosquad first music video is out? oh oh…well, here is the link. Enjoy it and pass it around.