Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Potty Training

I been having serious issues starting the potty training process for Johnny, he just turned two in December and Jasmin has been pressuring me every single day to train him. Besides the fact that I have been extremely busy trying to release a single for this ministry I am working with, I have not hit reality that my little baby is growing. I feel like it was just yesterday when I saw his little head with slimy stuff coming out of my wife’s womb and now he needs to start learning how to do poopoo and peepee all by himself? What is next school? I will not lie, I have taken advantage of these years, but I think he is growing too fast. I would never thought this was going to be hard, it’s like detaching something so wonderful filled of daily joy from your life. Its amazing all the joy that he brings daily, from him waking up calling me dad to saying good night momma poppa to welcoming with a big hug and a kiss when I get home from the studio. Playing peek-a-boo and listening to his beautiful voice calling ah-train (chu-chu), ah-car, ah-truck, calling water WAH WAH and many other things that If I keep typing I will cry like the first day I saw him.
I know I need to buckle up and realize he is growing, after all we are planning on having three more little ones that will capture my heart as well. So, let the potty begin ! jejejeje

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