Friday, February 12, 2010

First time Blogger

Hey everyone, we are happy to announce our first blog. Having a family blog is something that we've been having in mind for a long time, in this place you will keep in touch with us (Carlos, Jasmin, Johnny and the little one in Jasmin's belly) we will try to keep you updated with the ups and down in our life...hey after all you never know if some of our postings will help your life in any way. We have learn that God works in mysterious ways and even through a blog he can make a change in your life. So lets start with the fun stuff.
Here is something for you to know about each of us:


Carlos: Owns a Christian based recording studio along with his Compadre/brother/cuñado/many more things IVAN! and Denny as well..Carlos is passionate about music that doesn't even know anything about sports but yet knows how to play all of them. He's also part of a Christian Rap Ministry by the name of rioSQUAD.

Jasmin: Loves designing, remodeling, taking pictures, finances, cutting coupons, everything in the arts and belong to an all woman ministry by the name of Endless Grace.

Johnny: LOVES trains and yo Gabaa Gabaa, he seemed to like music as well (i will post some videos of him playing music at an early age) hes already learning to talk and has perfected the words "Jesus, Santo, Amen, Gloria" he also know other words..

Little baby: Will let us know its sex and is causing A LOT of cravings to mommy.

Us 4 belong to MJ which is Ministerio Juvenil of NY.. for like sooooooooo many years.. :)

So yea, for now this is a little something for you guys to know about the Mujicas. Its a blessing sharing this with you all...Please keep us in your prayers as they are always welcome.

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