Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent Journey

Today is the first day of lent (ash Wednesday) and this year our family has decided to take it seriously, as we feel that for the past years we have commemorate the Liturgical season but haven’t taken the time to fast and live lent as it should be. This year we really want to walk with Jesus, we want to take this time to make some changes in our lives, changes that wont last until Easter Sunday but for the rest of our lives. We encourage you to follow us in this journey. So many people follow different type of negativities in this world so why not follow something that will bring happiness to your soul. You might be asking your self how? It's simple, lent is a season of reflection on the passion of our Lord Jesus, a season to stop something in your life that its almost impossible to stop. For instance, for me it's is music, computer, blackberry, rice, and coffee so this year I will sacrifice one of the mentioned things and offer it to the Lord for His spirituality and salvation. I am sure you have something that you cannot live without! Just think about it and let it go AT LEAST until Easter Sunday. Of course, is not about just letting something go and that is it. These sacrifices have to follow up with prayer as well, otherwise you will just get used to letting something go and start liking something else.

May this lent bring us closer to God, may we die in the cross and resurrect with Him on Easter Sunday and after that continue to be examples of His image. Blessings!

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  1. Hey, (2nd try to post)
    Love the blog. Grat job. About this post, not giving in to your flesh, in any way, strengthens your spirit.